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Preprints and in press

Agnese Codutti, J. Cremer, K. Alim
Changing flows balance nutrient absoprtion and bacterial growth along the gut
BioRxiv [Link to website]

G. Chure, J. Cremer
An optimal regulation of fluxes dictates microbial growth in and out of steady-state
BioRxiv [Link to website]

T. Honda, J. Cremer, L Mancini, Z. Zhang, T. Pilizota, T. Hwa
Coordination of gene expression with cell size enables Escherichia coli to efficiently maintain motility across conditions
BioRxiv [Link to website]


R. Balakrishnan, R. T. de Silva, T. Hwa, J. Cremer
Suboptimal ressource allocation during changing environments constrains bacterial response and growth recovery
Molecular Systems Biology, 17:e10597 (2021) [Link to website]  [Link to BioRxiv]

A. V. Narla, J. Cremer, T. Hwa
A traveling-wave solution for bacterial chemotaxis with growth
PNAS 118 49 (2021)  [Link to website]  [Link to Arxiv]

J. Cremer, A. Melbinger, K. Wienand, T. Henriquez , H. Jung, E. Frey.
Cooperation in Microbial Populations: Theory and Experimental Model Systems
Journal of Molecular Biology, 431, 23, 4599-4644.  [Link to website]

J. Cremer*, T. Honda*,   Y. Tang, J.W. Ng, M. Vergassola, T. Hwa.
Chemotaxis as a navigation strategy to boost range expansion
Nature 575, 658–663 (2019)  [Link to website]

W. Liu*, J. Cremer*, D. Li, T. Hwa, C. Liu.
Expanding at the right speed: Competitive colonization of distinct spatial niches by chemotactic bacteria
Nature 575, 664–668 (2019)  [Link to website]

M.R. Warren, H. Sun, Y.Yan, J. Cremer, B.Li, T. Hwa.
Spatiotemporal establishment of growing bacterial colonies
eLife 8 e41093 (2019) [Link to website]

M. Arnoldini*, J. Cremer*, T. Hwa.
Bacterial growth, flow, and mixing determine human gut microbiota density and composition
Gut Microbes 9 559 (2018) [Link to website]

J. Cremer*, M. Arnoldini*, and T. Hwa.
Effect of water flow and chemical environment on microbiota growth and composition in the human colon
PNAS 114 25 6438 (2017) [Link to website].

J. Cremer*, I. Segota*, Y. Chih-yu, M. Arnoldini, J.T. Sauls, Z. Zhang, E. Gutierrez, A. Groisman, and T. Hwa
Effect of flow and peristaltic mixing on bacterial growth in a gut-like channel
PNAS 113 41 11414 (2016) [Link to website].

A. Melbinger, J. Cremer and E. Frey
The emergence of cooperation from a single mutant during microbial life cycles
J. R. Soc. Interface 12 108 10.1098 (2015) [Link to website].

A. Gelimson, J. Cremer and E. Frey
Mobility, fitness collection, and the breakdown of cooperation.
Phys. Rev. E 87, 042711 (2013) [Link to website].

J. Cremer, A. Melbinger and E. Frey
Growth dynamics and the evolution of cooperation in microbial populations
Sci. Rep. 2, 281 (2012) [Link to website].

J. Cremer, A. Melbinger and E. Frey
Evolutionary and population dynamics: a coupled approach
Phys. Rev. E 84 051921 (2011) [Link to website].

A. Melbinger, J. Cremer and E. Frey
Evolutionary game theory in growing populations
Phys. Rev. Lett. 105 178101 (2010) [Link to website].

B. Andrae, J. Cremer and T. Reichenbach and E. Frey
Entropy production of cyclic population dynamics
Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 218102 (2010) [Link to website].

J. Cremer, T. Reichenbach and E. Frey
The edge of neutral evolution in social dilemmas
New J. Phys. 11, 093029 (2009)[Link to website].

J. Cremer, T. Reichenbach and E. Frey
Anomalous finite-size effects in the Battle of the Sexes
Eur. Phys. J. B 63, 373-380 (2008) [Link to website].